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The mission of the Quebec Network for Research on Aging is to support interdisciplinary research on aging and to promote the maintenance of a critical mass of researchers, help increase overall research capacity, and stimulate the creation of research partnerships in this field.

The Network’s ultimate goal is to increase knowledge about the biological, clinical, populational, social, and societal aspects of aging. This knowledge can then be used to help promote successful aging, to prevent or delay the expression of the components of frailty and its harmful effects, and to improve the health care and services provided to the elderly.

May 18, 2023 - Involvement of the Quebec Network for Research on Aging (RQRV) in the consultation forum for the Aging and Living in Health Action Plan 2024-2029 organized by the Quebec government.

RQRV speaks in favor of Bill no. 3

The Quebec National Assembly's Committee on Public Finance is currently studying Bill 3, an act respecting health and social services information.

The RQRV has written in favor of Bill no.3 to emphasize the need to adopt the regulatory amendments provided for in the bill and to recall the importance of promoting better access to Quebec health data for research purposes.

Through its intervention, the RQRV also supported the recommendations made by the FRQ, whose management has been particularly active in recent years to ensure the social acceptability of the population with regard to the sharing of personal health data, with a view to creating favourable conditions for the advancement of science and knowledge for the benefit of future generations.

To consult the letter from RQRV sent to the Commission, click here

Dear students,
The CIHR Institute of Aging has just launched the Summer Program in Aging (SPA) 2023 Internship competition. Please register in large numbers.

La cohorte NuAge dans les médias, 13 mars 2022

Manger mieux pour vivre plus vieux

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Demande d'adhésion à titre de membre étudiant de niveau postdoctoral

Les étudiants qui étaient membres du Réseau durant leur doctorat, qui sont actuellement en formation postdoctorale à l’extérieur du Québec et par définition sous la direction d’un chercheur non membre du Réseau, peuvent devenir membre étudiant en présentant une demande d’adhésion.

Une lettre d’appui du directeur de recherche postdoctorale est nécessaire.


Novembre 2021
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