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Leverage Funding Programs for Active Members of the Network

Funding for Major Grant Applications

Purpose :

  • To provide funding for the preparation of applications for major grants (e.g. CIHR Team Grants).

Eligibility requirements :

  • The applicants must be researchers who are active members of the Network at the time that they submit their application for this funding,
  • The notice of acceptance of the letter of intent by the granting agency (if required),
  • The research project for which the major grant application is being submitted must be multidisciplinary and involve more than one academic institution; it may also involve multiple research settings and researchers from multiple provinces and/or countries,
  • The research project must be in the field of aging and must be consistent with the objectives and orientations of the Networks 2008-2012 Scientific Program,
  • The research project must be recommended for approval by the Co-ordinator of an RQRV Thematic Group, Common Research Platform, or Consortium.

Value :

  • Maximum $15 000 per application.

Application procedure :

  • Submit as a single PDF document a completed application to the Network’s Scientific Director at info@rqrv.com, including:
    • A copy of the approval of your letter of intent, if one was required,
    • A summary of your major grant application,
    • The names and institutional affiliations of all the researchers involved,
    • A budget justification, linked to the timetable for submitting the major grant application,
    • A letter of recommendation from the Co-ordinator of an RQRV Thematic Group, Common Research Platform, or Consortium,
    • A concise explanation of the relationships between the major grant application and the Networks research orientations and activities (half-page maximum).

Evaluation procedure :

  • The RQRV Executive Committee determines eligibility and requests the opinion of at least two members of the RQRV Steering Committee, or of the Co-ordinator of an RQRV Thematic Group, Common Research Platform, or Consortium, or of an expert from outside the Network,
  • Incomplete applications will be declared ineligible.

Recipients commitments :

  • Acknowledge the Networks support,
  • Inform the Network of the granting agencys decision on the major grant application,
  • Return the Network support grant to the Network if the major grant application is not submitted to the granting agency.

Payment method :

  • The funding will be paid to the recipients in a single instalment.

Application deadline :

  • Open at all times.