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Leverage Funding Programs for Active Members of the Network

Funding for Publication Activities (Program is currently closed)

Purpose :

To stimulate dissemination of knowledge, in the field of research on aging, to the scientific community, health and social services professionals, and the general public,

This program provides funding for the following activities:

  • Editing the manuscript of an article for submission to a high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific journal,
  • Publishing a book,
  • Publishing documents such as brochures and electronic publications that present information about the Networks research to non-research audiences such as the general public, groups of health-care professionals, and health-policy makers.

Eligibility requirements :

  • The applicants must be researchers who are active members of the Network at the time that they submit their application for this funding,
  • The publication activity for which funding is being requested must relate to research on aging and be consistent with the objectives and orientations of the Networks 2008-2012 Scientific Program,
  • The application must be recommended for approval by the Co-ordinator of an RQRV Thematic Group, Common Research Platform, or Consortium,
  • If the publication for which funding is being requested is a book, then the applicants must have a firm commitment from another source to make a financial contribution at least equal to the Networks.

Value :

  • Maximum $1 000 for editing of a journal-article manuscript,
  • Maximum $5 000 for publication of a book, provided that at least an equal amount is contributed by another source,
  • Maximum $1 000 for publication of a document for non-research audiences.

Application procedure :

  • Submit as a single PDF document a completed application to the Network’s Scientific Director at info@rqrv.com, including:
    • A concise description of the publication project, including type of publication, target audience, title, authors, name of journal and planned submission date (for a journal article), overall plan (for a book or brochure), production schedule, etc.,
    • A copy of the manuscript to be edited,
    • A cost estimate,
    • A letter making a firm commitment to share the costs, if the project is the publication of a book,
    • A letter of recommendation from the Co-ordinator of an RQRV Thematic Group, Common Research Platform, or Consortium.

Evaluation procedure :

  • The RQRV Executive Committee determines eligibility and requests the opinion of at least two members of the RQRV Steering Committee, or of the Co-ordinator of an RQRV Thematic Group, Common Research Platform, or Consortium, or of an expert from outside the Network,
  • Incomplete applications will be declared ineligible.

Recipients commitments :

  • Acknowledge the Networks support in the publication,
  • For funding of a journal article or a book, send the Network a copy of the editors acknowledgment of receipt. If it is a document for a non-research audience, send a copy of the document itself.

Payment method :

  • The funding will be paid to the recipients upon submission of invoices for the expenses incurred.

Application deadline :

(Program is currently closed)