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Sustaining the PRISMA and SOLIDAGE Research Programs

Initiative Joint Co-ordinators: François Béland and Réjean Hébert

www.prisma-qc.ca, www.solidage.ca

The Quebec Network for Research on Aging wants to ensure the continuation of two major research programs in which investigators from its Health Care and Services Research Section are involved. One of these is PRISMA (the Program of Research To Integrate Services for the Maintenance of Autonomy), a joint effort by the University of Sherbrooke and Laval University. It is important for PRISMA to continue pursuing its objectives with regard to implementing integrated care networks, developing clinical and management tools and quality and continuity metrics, and evaluating the implementation and impact of such networks.

SOLIDAGE is the McGill University/University of Montreal Research Group on Integrated Services for Older Persons; it includes researchers from other universities as well. Into 2006, SOLIDAGE researchers will continue their work on the following topics: (a) the frailty process, (b) the trajectory of use and costs of services, (c) the evaluation of clinical intervention programs, and (d) the development of interdisciplinary clinical tools.

One essential step has been taken toward implementing common programming and securing recurrent infrastructure funding for PRISMA and SOLIDAGE: a letter of intent to apply for a CIHR Team Grant has been submitted to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. This letter presents the outlines of a common research program for the two groups and proposes a set of projects for them to complete. Both groups intend to involve partners in implementing their research programs and in transferring the knowledge that they produce.