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Longitudinal Study on Expressions of Frailty

Initiative Co-ordinator: François Béland

When the first results of the Canadian Initiative on Frailty and Aging became available, the Quebec Network for Research on Aging called for and supported the establishment of a research team to develop a longitudinal study on expressions of frailty, in collaboration with the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

The objectives of this study, known by its French acronym, FRÉLE, are to describe the determinants and components of frailty and to identify its trajectories, as well as its impact on people’s health and on the use and costs of health care and social services. The FRÉLE team consists of seven researchers who work in a wide range of disciplines and belong to Network research sections with widely varying interests. The Network plans to continue supporting this study so that the research team can finish preparing their protocol, developing their measurements, carrying out preliminary activities connected with obtaining funding, and establishing the cohort of subjects. The Network will provide this continued support in partnership with the CIHR and other agencies.