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Database on Surveys of Elderly Populations

Infrastructure Co-ordinator: Dr. René Verreault

Recognizing the need to make it easier for all members of the Quebec Network for Research on Aging to find and use the data gathered in surveys of elderly populations, the Network established a co-ordinating committee in March 2000 to develop a database documenting locations where such data can be accessed. The members of this committee represented four Quebec universities and offered expertise in complementary areas.

The committee members began by developing the concept for this database and the format for the descriptive records that it would contain. The committee members then conducted their own survey, of the Network’s members, to determine their specific current and future needs.

Next, the committee inventoried 54 Web sites where data from surveys of elderly populations can be accessed. The committee then implemented the Elderly Population Survey Database, which Network members can now consult on-line. This database (currently available in French only) classifies the survey data available on these Web sites by topic and sub-topic and describes these data in detail, along with the types of statistical analyses to which they lend themselves. This database also provides direct links to the Web sites and the data that they contain.