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Student Committee

Claudia Miriam Alonzo de la Rosa
Doctoral student, supervised by Frédéric Picard
Université Laval

Margaux Valette
Master’s student, supervised by Frédéric Picard
Université Laval

Olivier Fortier-Lebel
Communications officer
Doctoral student, co-supervised by Benjamin Boller and Johannes Frasnelli
Université de Trois-Rivières

Anna Andrianova
Doctoral student, supervised by Sophie Éthier
Université Laval

Jean-François Nepveu
Responsible for intersectoral student networking
Doctoral student, supervised by Christina Wolfson
McGill University

Serve as a credible voice for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows within the Network Serve as a channel of communication between the student members and the management of the Network Participate in the Network�s mission of providing training and dissemination and transfer of knowledge.

Term of Office
One year, renewable once

* The masculine is used exclusively for the purpose of simplifying the text.